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Ian has had a passion for fitness at a very young age playing junior soccer. He's passion for fitness continued in his senior years playing soccer, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Indoor Cricket, Oztag and Touch. Ian started weight lifting in his teens lifting weights in his parent's garage. By 19 Ian joined a gym and soon become a regular gym junkie. After several years of being a regular gym participant, Ian decided to follow his passion and become a personal trainer. Once Ian was qualified he join the team at Your Fitness in 2009. Since then Ian has been involved in the Cairns Marlin's Basketball team (Strength and Condition Coach) and the Cairns Taipans Basketball team. (Assisted Strength and Condition Coach) Wanting to spread his passion and knowledge further Ian took a teaching role at Fit College.

Ian is dedicated to achieving his client's needs, whether you want to bulk up increase strength or to lose a couple of kilos. Having struggle with his own weight for many years, Ian knows how hard and frustrating it can be to achieve the results you're after. Ian struggle in his early 20's to put on size when he first joined the gym Ian was only 68kg. Ian managed to bulk up to 90kg having finally achieved his goal after a long time. Ian needed another goal and decided to increase his strength which he did successfully. Ian strongly believes in always setting goals in his time as a personal trainer Ian has manager to run in 4 Half marathons and competed in the INBA Men's Fitness comp. Ian has also trained girls in both the ANB and INBA Fitness comp. Both girls winning the women's fitness model.

Ian has he's own business ICM FITNESS and with his knowledge and experience. Ian would like to help you achieve your goals. Whether it's gaining size, Strength or losing weight, running a marathon or competing in a fitness comp. If you like to learn more about what we do at ICM Fitness please book in for a free consultation. 

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