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COURTESY - PUT YOUR WEIGHTS AWAY AND UNLOAD THE MACHINES - This is Your Fitness staff & members' 'Number 1" pet hate.

MANNERS - Be polite and courteous to other members, Your Fitness staff and Personal Trainers. Any form of verbal or physical intimidation will result in immediate termination.

CONSIDERATION - Don't excessively scream, grunt, swear or drop weights - Your Fitness members don't want to hear it. It shows no consideration for other members, or for the gym.

ETIQUETTE - Share the equipment. Membership doesn't mean you own the equipment. Offer to work in with fellow members if you see that they want to use the machine you are using too. TOWELS MUST BE USED during your time in the gym. Appropriate gym attire must be worn including closed in training shoes.

"Being considerate of others will take you further in life than any university degree." (Marian Wright Edleman)


BEHAVIOUR - Your Fitness members are "family". Any form of illegal activity or poor behavior will be dealt with by Your Fitness, or where necessary the relevant authority. The use and/or sale of steroids or illegal substances in this gym will not be tolerated. Please be aware that Your Fitness members will report this kind of activity in an effort to rid you from our gym.

SUPPORT - We're all in this together so if you can do something to assist or help fellow gym users please do so.

"Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. The positive energy spread by one will be felt by us all. We are all connected." (Deborah Day)


ASK - If you are new to the gym or are not sure of something, please ask Your Fitness gym floor staff or a fellow member. We promote a supportive, non-judgmental gym culture so please speak up.

CHALLENGE - Push yourself in your workout. Try new things.

"When it seems impossible and when it seems like nothing is going to work, you are normally just a few centimeters away from making it happen." (Tony Robbins)
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