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COURTESY - PUT YOUR WEIGHTS AWAY AND UNLOAD THE MACHINES - This is Your Fitness staff & members' 'Number 1" pet hate.

MANNERS - Be polite and courteous to other members, Your Fitness staff and Personal Trainers. Any form of verbal or physical intimidation will result in immediate termination.

CONSIDERATION - Don't excessively scream, grunt, swear or drop weights - Your Fitness members don't want to hear it. It shows no consideration for other members, or for the gym.

TOWELS - Towels must be used during a workout (either BYO or $2 purchase from reception). If you sweat through the towel please wipe down equipment using paper/towel and detergent bottles (on shelves around the gym).

Wearing clothing that provides appropriate coverage and the right fit allos you to do everything from jump squats to downward facing dog with confidence and ease. If your clothing is too tight it can restrict your range of motion, which can make your form suffer. Tank tops, singlets or shirts must be worn on the gym floor.

"Being considerate of others will take you further in life than any university degree." (Marian Wright Edleman)


- Your Fitness members are "family". Any form of illegal activity or poor behavior will be dealt with by Your Fitness, or where necessary the relevant authority. The use and/or sale of steroids or illegal substances in this gym will not be tolerated. Please be aware that Your Fitness members will report this kind of activity in an effort to rid you from our gym.

SUPPORT - We're all in this together so if you can do something to assist or help fellow gym users please do so.

"Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. The positive energy spread by one will be felt by us all. We are all connected." (Deborah Day)


ASK - If you are new to the gym or are not sure of something, please ask Your Fitness gym floor staff or a fellow member. We promote a supportive, non-judgmental gym culture so please speak up.

CHALLENGE - Push yourself in your workout. Try new things.

"When it seems impossible and when it seems like nothing is going to work, you are normally just a few centimeters away from making it happen." (Tony Robbins)


Check if the equipment is free first

When approaching a squat rack, a bench, a lifting platform, or anything else that someone may be using, look for signs that another members may be using the equipment.
· Is there a towel laid out on it? (Usually a sign something is being used)
· Are there other pieces of training equipment laying around, like a notebook, backpack, or weight belt? (Also a good sign something is still being used)
After this quick assessment, look around the gym and see if anyone is coming over to that piece of equipment or looking at you. If it seems that someone is using the equipment then I ask them "Is this free? Are you using this?".
Saving Equipment
When using a piece of equipment you need to go get a drink of water or use the restroom. No problem! A simple way to do this is to drape your towel over the bench or bar. This is like a "reserved" card on a table at a restaurant. Often members will also put a training log on the bench or under the bar too. When "saving" equipment please ensure you work as quickly as possible to get back.
"Working in" with someone
If there is a piece of equipment that you want to use, but someone is using it you can ask to "work in" with the person. When they finish a set, you can then change weights if needed and get in a set yourself. After your set, help them change the weight back to what they were using. If you're not sure what to do, just talk to the person!
If you are waiting for a piece of equipment to free up, you can stand nearby, but don't hover!
Circuits and Supersets
Often members will "superset" or circuit train, ie, working two or more exercises back to back, in a small circuit.
Pick things that are close together keeping your roaming area small.
Use towels to save equipment Just like we did before, you can use a towel/towels and/or your training log to save multiple pieces of equipment in a circuit. Try not to save more than two pieces of equipment, as anything beyond that will likely run into someone's workout.
FORGET about complicated circuits when the gym is busy. Forget about trying to get a squat rack AND a bench AND a chin-up bar. Pick one. Less complicated circuits during busy gym times might be a barbell exercise, followed by a bodyweight exercise. Or even something on the chin-up bar, followed by a bodyweight or dumbbell exercise in that immediate area.

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