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Since High School I have found my passion in Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, working with clients across a wide variety of needs, goals and abilities. I have worked with specialised athletes, everyday people & NDIS participants.

I have always had a passion for sports and athletic performance. I have been around the rugby league field most of my life, and if it is not there, it is in the gym, exploring ways to get stronger, faster and more athletic to better fuel my rugby endeavours. Eventually as life went on, I leaned more towards helping athletes through their journey with strength & conditioning, which I felt more passionate about than playing itself.

I have always been heavily involved with local rugby league clubs such as; Northern Pride U20's, Cairns Kangaroo's, Ivanhoes and in Rugby Union; Wanders and Mudcrabs. I have also had an interesting year in NSW playing in the Sydney Shield and Ron Massy Cup under Newtown Jets' system. Believe it or not, I have also competed in a CrossFit competition a few years ago in Torture in the Tropics.

I find it truly inspirational and an absolute honour to be a part of someone's journey to a better version of themselves. Everyone has a "why" they want to be better, more improved version.

Through my well-equipped experience and knowledge around enhancing the performance of an athlete and developing better habits and stronger bodies (and minds) of a person (YOU), anything can be achieved.

My Wife. My main inspiration, always pushing me to go for more, in my corner showing me the potential I have inside. I believe the actions that we take now, will determine what type of future we have set for ourselves - whether it is good or bad. It is up to us, it is in our hands

My philosophy is simple, effective and 3 words to remember ...

Build the Movement: Regardless of your pace, when you feel things are not moving as fast as you want them to be, or you feel things are not moving at all (we have all been there) Just remember the three words.

Build the Movement: No matter how small the steps or progress may seem, to get to 100% you need to add the small percentages.

Throughout the work we will achieve together, it will be specialised & created to suit your current ability & in the right direction towards your goals, challenging you at the right times throughout the journey. Challenging you in a way not aimed to give you pain, but to show you how much stronger you have become throughout the journey.
I will always encourage you to prioritise your mental health & watch the positive impact fitness has on your mental health. It does wonders.


· Certificate III & IV in Personal Training
· Diploma in Strength & Conditioning
· NDIS Screening (Yellow Card)

· Working with Children (Blue Card)

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