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Valkyrie Fitness & Performance

Mita Kuuluu!

From Finland to the Far North - I have the privilege of calling Cairns home!
Growing up in Finland I was always an adventurous youngster and my childhood consisted
of primarily being outdoors. Whether it was batting the harsh winters or making the most of
20+ hours of daylight in summer, I was never one to sit still. As I grew older, I developed a
passion for fitness and this soon took over and became an addiction. Throughout my
school years I was highly involved in track and field, dance and started training in the gym
at 16 - always keeping up with the boys. I decided to take my adventurous nature abroad -
travelling and eventually settling in Australia.
Over the years I have always found myself in every spare moment researching, studying
and putting knowledge into practice. My desire to always be educated and upto date,
passion and addiction for training, combined with my empathic nature and willingness to
help others has given me the opportunity to do what I love.
My primary motivation is your goals and weaknesses. There is nothing more satisfying and
rewarding for me than seeing my clients achieving what they thought was unattainable. My
workouts and sessions are personalised and individual. I enjoy being creative with my
clients in our sessions and educating them on their fitness journey. Smart and adaptable
training, focusing on good form and technique - motivating, assisting and educating you in
any aspect of your journey.

Even from a very young age, I have always been inspired by older people who were active,
mobile and strong. I've always admired, respected and dreamed that in my future I would
be able to have the quality of life 'they' were having and enjoying. Their energy, physical
and mental attributes, well-being and positive outlook in life has always inspired me to take
care and improve myself to have the best future possible. As they have inspired me, I also
wish to inspire and help others in the same way to live and love life to their best ability.

You have to leave your comfort zone to achieve what you desire. I believe in training smart
and pushing your limits, without overdoing it. By building a strong foundation and solid base -
the sky is the limit. 'I can't' should not be a part of our vocabulary - because we always can.
If not today, in the future. Through good form, technique and patience we have a base for
long lasting results.
My logo represents a powerful figure in Nordic Mythology - the 'Valkyrie', which depicts
strength and the relentlessness of the Vikings - traits which I hope to inspire within my


  • Certificate III in fitness
  • Certificate IV in fitness
  • Boxing/Kickboxing Level 1 & 2
  • First aid & CPR

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