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Our instructors are fun, knowledgeable & know how to make you work! Whether it's strength, weight loss or general fitness you're after, our instructors have the skills to get you there! Get to know our team and try out their classes TODAY!
Teaches: Power Circuit & Just Abs

Ian's classes are guaranteed to make you WORK! So if its toning, weight loss and ABS that you want, come and join him Monday afternoons for a killer hour of power!
Teaches: Body Pump & RPM

Marsha loves to have a laugh and bring fun into her classes! You are always guarateed to leave her Pump classes smiling and sweaty! She is easy to chat to, so if you have any questions or are brand new to classes, make sure you say hi!
Teaches: Body Pump, Power Yoga, Abs Butt n Legs, RPM.

Tina teaching a bit of everything here at Your Fitness... Chances are, if you're a group fitness junkie, you've been to one of her classes. Whether she is pushing you to move faster in RPM, or stretch further in Yoga, Tina's encourangement is sure to get you the results your looking for!
Teaches: Body Blast, BoxFit

Chris teaches BoxFit & Body Blast. Chris will push you to your limits (whilst having a little fun too!). His classes incorporate both cardio & strength work giving you results you never thought possible.
Teaches: Body Balance

Meri is our fun and energetic Body Balance instructor! She is also a qualified Yoga and Pilates instructor, so she ker knowledge of these program to her classes! If its long, lean muscles your chasing, come and drop into one of her classes today!
Teaches: Body Pump (Cover Instructor)

Andy is one of our Body Pump instructors. His classes are high intensity, with great music and a fun vibe to get you pushing yourself harder than you thought you could!
Teaches: RPM

Crawf's RPM classes are designed to make you burn those unwanted calories fast! He will make you sweat (although we would be impressed if you sweat as much as he does!). If you've got some spare time on your lunch break, drop in Tuesdays or Thursdays for a great workout!
Teaches: SPIN

Andrew is one of our SPIN instructors here at Your Fitness. His classes are done to a range of motivating music and use both sprinting and power to burn fat fast. Definitely a ride you'll remember!
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