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S & C
S & C is a mixture of strength, conditioning and power. Throughout the week, we will cover all aspects of training to improve strength, fitness and overall health.
Our primary focus in the class is to enhance fat loss and improve strength and power through CXT's very own training methods. Each class will target 2-3 major muscle groups per session to make sure all your focus is on those muscles to feel the benefits of our training. Every week the muscles targeted will change and rotate around to make sure everyone gets a chance to train different parts of the body. These workouts are designed for all levels of fitness from the beginners to the experienced, from the young to the old, whomever you are we can substitute exercises or change the workout slightly to adjust to your strength and abilities.
You won't know what you're capable of until you give it a try, so we look forward to seeing you in our next session.

Standard Class: 1hr

Lunchtime Class: 45mins

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