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"Health and Fitness has formed the foundation of my social, academic and working life for the last 10 years".

From freelance Personal Trainer to one-on-one Strength and Conditioning couching, Chris has continued to evolve his style of training and dietary advice by ensuring his clients workout programs are variable and utilize as many facets of the gym as possible. Chris is a stickler for technique and form when training clients ensuring training technique is on point from the get-go.

"I have a real passion for training and believe strongly in what I do. Watching my clients rise from the bottom up is extremely satisfying. Personal transformation of somebodies self-esteem, mental health and self-worth is equally important as physical transformation".

Away from Personal Training, Chris has played Soccer for Victoria at a State Level, trained and completed in Body Sculpting Competitions ("Fitness Model" and "Muscle Model") and participates in a range of other sporting activities on a social level. In order to achieve his own person fitness goals, Chris enjoys eating a clean diet which he activity encourages his clients to also practice.


· Cert 3&4 in Personal Training
· Level 1 Crossfit Trainer
· Level 1 Kettlebell
· Level 1 suspension Trainer
· First aid  

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