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I am selfish.

I want to know all the best ways to get my body performing at it's best!

I have had my issues and I'm guilty of scratching my own itch!
I had many questions and I tirelessly looked for the answers and still do...

Did I have knee pain that stopped me from playing sports I loved!
Did I struggle with losing fat and keeping it off!
Was my performance mentally and physically so inconsistent!

The outcome was good. I fixed my knee problem and completed IRONMAN Cairns (The longest 1 day race in the world) 3 years in a row and started playing AFL again at the age of 34.
I became obsessed with nutrition and lost my belly fat and beat my best IRONMAN time by 45 minutes!

In May 2015 at Filex (the biggest fitness convention in the Southern Hemisphere) I competed a 3 day Be-Activated course which changed my entire perspective on the body and how it worked.

Be-Activated is an extremely potent and initially painful massage technique that unlocks the true potential of your body in minutes.
I put 80% of my time into applying and teaching people how to Be-Activated and stay activated.

In a nutshell Be-Activated is about turning the nervous system back on and getting the message to muscles so they work again.

Imagine your nerve system is an electrical circuit. Be-Activated finds the broken fuses on your electrical circuit (your body) and fixes them.
Literally turning your muscles back on and increasing your performance

All I can say is wait until you feel this! WOW!

I have activated an NRL Footy player who wanted his body to perform at optimal.
I have also activated a 75 year old bloke who just wanted to be able to walk more than 50 meters like he used to...

If you fit somewhere in the middle of the above examples give me a call for a free demonstration.

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